ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: Are we going to meet Rick’s dad?

We know that there are going to be some big changes that lead off the fifth season of “Castle,” as we are going to see our lead character and Beckett both firmly in a committed relationship. Since this loose end is starting to be tied up a little bit, there is one question that many fans are going to be asking instead — when are we finally going to meet Rick’s father?

Speaking in a new interview with TV Guide, executive producer Andrew Marlowe had the following to say as a way to answer this question:

“We know there’s a big burden on it, and we want to get it right … It promises¬†great potential in storytelling and allows us to recontextualize Castle a bit and get some more insight into him. But until I have something I’m 100 percent happy with, it’s a hesitation. I’m trying to find the most fruitful path emotionally for our characters.”

In other words, don’t necessarily count on this story happening this season, even though we would admittedly be shocked if it does not happen by the time this series ends (or Castle and Beckett get married). It’s become a famous tradition to get a high-profile actor to play the parent, so with that in mind the question has to be raised — who would be the best person to take on this character? You obviously would need someone who was capable of producing someone so witty, but also someone able to channel all the emotions necessarily to take on what is obviously a pretty complicated character.

Who do you want to see take on this role, and do you want to see it happen this season?¬†If you want to see some more news on the future of Castle and Beckett’s relationship moving forward, you can check out the link here.

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