‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: Who created what?

The Vampire Diaries” is a show hat is very keen on origin stories — which also tends to bode well when you are dealing with something as complicated of an origin as supernatural abilities. Take for example last season, when we first saw how vampires were created — and it was courtesy of a powerful spell by the witch Esther.

What makes this story so captivating, though, is that there is an origin that exists beyond that. Speaking in a new interview with TV Guide, executive producer Julie Plec explains that during the show’s fourth season, we are going to see the creation of the witch that led to the creation of vampires as we know them:

“When Esther used that spell to make her children immortal, which created the Original vampires, that spell existed already. So who wrote it? That’s the question that will remain a question in this season and possibly in the series. We dabbled with the Original vampires, but who were truly the Original witches?”

What makes this answer perhaps even more fascinating here is tha you know that there had to have been a way for Esther to transform and become the person that she is. Unless someone magically woke up one day with magical powers, they had to have been created or discovered somehow — and this in turn could lead to another story as to how this discovery happened. If the show chooses to go in a certain direction, it is really possible that they could actually have a never-ending stream of stories pertaining to how certain supernatural races became the way that they are today. Granted, we’re still not sure just how much of this we really when here is so much good stuff happening in the present with Elena, Stefan, and of course the world’s first hybrid in Klaus.

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Photo: The CW

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