‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: More dates and paranoia

Before we get to Wednesday night’s new episode of “Big Brother 14,” we have some more news coming out from the live feed that has to do with something that is a frequent occurrence anytime that you have a show that cuts people away from society — you start to overthink everything. Literally.

When it comes to Ian, he is starting to spiral a little bit after knowing that Frank and Ashley went on a date in the Head of Household room Tuesday night. (What he does not know at this time, though, is that they made out during it.) Therefore, when someone asked Ashley this afternoon if Frank was going to take her “out” on another date again tonight, Ian was quick to ask her to play a game of pool with him instead. She said “yes,” likely knowing that it would be dumb to turn someone down in a game where there are so many reasons that people can vote you out of the house.

Forgive us for talking so much about no-mances, but it is really all that is going on as Danielle also went on a lengthy rant this afternoon about she is sure that she is not getting a very good edit after the Zingbot more or less called her a stalker. Meanwhile, Shane expressed a similar concern before Britney more or less rolled her eyes at both of them with one simple message — if you don’t want people to see you badly, make sure you don’t give them any ammunition. This seemed to be meant more for Shane than Danielle, though, mostly because she can tell he is not really interested in her and is thus leading her on a little bit.

Do you think Ian’s desire for dates is going to end up messing up his game? We want to hear from you below!┬áTo check out some more scoop from the house earlier in the day, be sure and read the story over at this link.

Photo: CBS

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