Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries — more waiting, more frustration

Mrs. Carter: Is the case of Kris Humphries against Kim Kardashian stalling out again? Based on what we are seeing now, it sure looks like it.

On Wednesday morning attorneys for both the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star and the Brooklyn Nets forward met in Hollywood in order to try and see the current state of their split, and for whatever reason¬†unbeknownst¬†to everyone Humphries still seems intent on seeking an annulment here — even if it goes to trial — on the basis that he was lied to and manipulated into a marriage that was meant more for television than anything in reality. With that in mind, his attorneys are still trying to speak with both Kim’s mom / manager Kris Jenner and her current boyfriend Kanye West. Meanwhile, they claim that they are also still trying to set up meetings to discuss what happened behind the scenes with the production company behind the E! series — which, for the sake of full disclosure, paid Kris a pretty penny both for his appearances on the regular show along with the wedding special that pretty much brought in a windfall for everyone involved.

So what is Humphries’ real endgame here? For the time being, that does not seem entirely clear. The couple had an ironclad prenuptial agreement, and his recent $24 million contract pretty much suggests that he doesn’t need any extra money. Kim’s attorneys, meanwhile, are fighting under the stance that Humphries is holding out for more money, and he knew about everything related to the reality show before he made the decision to get married. Kim just wants a divorce at this point … that and that Kris pays for her legal fees since her attorney Laura Wasser told the judge that the reality star has spent a quarter of a million dollars on this case.

How out of hand do you think this case is getting, and in your mind do you see there being any real end in sight? To check out some news about what Kim is up to away from all of this mess, be sure to read our story here.

Photo: Glenn Francis

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