‘Burn Notice’ preview: Sam’s [spoiler] gets dragged into the mess

There is a heavy dose of irony that is going to be present during Thursday night’s new episode of “Burn Notice.” Why? Only a few episodes after Michael Westen paid the ultimate price for dragging his loved ones into his spy world, he is going to be asking Sam to do the same when it comes to his girlfriend.

The good news? She is not going to be nearly as involved as Nate was at the time of his death. Instead he is just recruiting her in order to look the part of a wealthy businessman fronting a corporation in need of a certain military supplier’s services. It is this supplier who supposedly sold the sniper rifle used to shoot both Nate and Anson Fullerton (believed to be their real target), and this is the only real clue that Michael even has at the moment to go off on with his case.

Will he find something more this week? We’re betting on it — but with us nearing the end of the show’s summer run, we have a feeling that he is not going to find everything that he is looking for, at least not yet. While the Anson pursuit was one with a defined villain connecting to Michael getting burned, this is an adversary who is still very much shrouded in mystery. We don’t know who they are, where they came from, and how the trial is going to lead back to them.

What do you think we are going to find out about Nate’s death by the time the show wraps up its summer run? We want to hear some of your theories below! If you want to go back and read our review from last week’s episode, be sure to head on over to this link.

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