‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Who else is onto the antihero?

Dexter Morgan has become an expert over the years at deflecting suspicion left and right — but on this coming season of “Dexter,” he may be managing to perfect it into art form.

So far, we already know that there are two people who are going to have some major suspicions about him pretty much from the get-go last season — Deb, who is obviously going to wonder if Travis Marshall is really the only person that Dexter has killed, and LaGuerta, who is going to discover a blood side that is going to make her investigate the Bay Harbor Butcher case all over again in order to try and exonerate her good friend James Doakes.

Unfortunately for Dexter, it now looks like there is going to be someone else on his tail this season, as well — and showrunner Scott Buck does his best to explain in a new story from TV Guide:

“As we introduce in the pilot, Dexter kills someone who is very important to Ray Stevenson’s Isaac, someone who is a significant part of his organization … That also tees Isaac off to find out what happened to this person, who killed this person and so he’s also on to Dexter all throughout this season.”

The idea of a guest star being on to Dexter is hardly something new — as a matter of fact, every villain from the Ice Truck Killer on to Trinity and the Doomsday Killer has had some sort of suspicions about this character even before they ended up on his table. The problem here has just been that they have been unable to do anything about it.

Do you think this is the season where Dexter will finally get caught — and have to face actual consequences for his actions?┬áIf you haven’t seen some of our recent scoop pertaining to episode titles this season, be sure and check out the story here.

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