‘Bones’ season 8 spoilers: More scoop on animal-themed episode

If you think back to a recent report published here at the page, you will remember that “Bones” has been planning to do an episode for some time that touches on the dangerous world of animal trafficking — especially when it comes to the illegal pet trade of endangered species.

Now, we know a little bit more as to what exactly is going to draw both Booth and Brennan into a case deep within this world. According to TV Guide, they will show up on the case after a wildlife guru (think the likes of the late “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin) ends up seeing one of his employees killed by someone other than an animal. Will he be a suspect? We don’t know, but producers for the hit Fox series are currently casting this character along with someone to play the partner of a rancher who has been illegally purchasing Siberian tigers. (If this does not sound like a suspect to anyone else, you’re probably crazy.)

It’s not entirely clear just what episode of “Bones” this is going to be, but the show’s premiere next month is not going to be that far way. The first episode is going to focus mostly on Booth and Brennan trying to work through their issues following the end of last season, and the one following that will be the previously-reported story themed all around a divorce lawyer whose wife was having an affair with his secretary. Some other upcoming episodes include a “battle of the squinterns,” and an hour all about people who have a knack for cleaning up crime scenes.

Given Emily Deschanel’s love for animals, are you more excited to see this episode than just about any other one coming up later this season? We want to hear some more of your thoughts below!

Photo: Fox

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