‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6 spoilers: More on Sheldon’s new hire

In a recent report pertaining to “The Big Bang Theory,” we wrote about how Dr. Sheldon Cooper was going to be getting a new woman in his life courtesy of an attractive graduate student — and now it would be a pretty interesting story if he was to somehow make Amy jealous by spending so much time with a woman that was not her.

While we’ve made our opinion known on the story, we actually know now just what sort of storyline producers are actually planning for this character. According to a report from TV Guide, this new woman is actually going to cause some problems when she develops a good rapport with Leonard — which in turn is going to send Penny into a jealous fit. So basically, we had the right story but with the wrong characters.

So is this really going to cause some sort of problem in Leonard’s new attempt to be with Kaley Cuoco’s character? While it may cause some problems, we don’t necessarily see the two breaking up so early in the season after going through the long and elaborate “beta test” for most of the latter portion of last season. It was a long and drawn-out process seeing them get back together; why take it away from us so quickly? All we are hoping for is that this scene gives us some laughs, and the show has certainly been known for providing that over the years. After all, we know that we’re going to get some in dealing with the aftermath of Leonard’s “proposal” last season.

Do you think Leonard and Penny will actually go the distance this time, or could something like jealousy actually cause them to break up again? To check out some more scoop pertaining to the show actually kicking off filming for the season, pay a visit over to our link here.

Photo: CBS

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