ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2 spoilers: Will Amanda and Emily bond?

When it comes to season 2 of “Revenge,” one of the most interesting things is going to be seeing how some of the cliffhangers from last May’s finale are going to be wrapped up — including the story of Amanda now being pregnant presumably with Jack’s child. At one point, she and Emily did have some sort of a relationship — but now that she has come in and seemingly complicated her love life, will that happen this time around? If nothing else, we know one person is going to try at it.

Speaking to TV Guide in a new interview, actress Margaritta Levieva  explained that we can at least expect her character to try and forget a friendship — mostly because she does not want to be run out of town again:

“That scares Amanda [since] Emily’s tried more than once to get rid of her … Now that she’s back with a baby and nowhere to go, I think the plan is to get Emily back on her side.”

Will this plan actually work? It might. It sounds like Emily is going to have some other romantic pursuits on this coming season, so the need may not be there so much for her to try and push Amanda and Jack away from each other. If for some reason her baby turns out to not be his, though, that is a different story and we would not be that shocked to see her get involved.

Regardless, we know that Levieva is going to be around for at least a sizable chunk of season 2, so she won’t be going anywhere too fast following her arrival in the Hamptons again.

How do you think Emily and Amanda are going to interact? To check out some more scoop when it comes to Declan Porter’s new “friend” on this coming season, be sure and read the story here.

Photo: ABC

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