‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Kissing and dead fish

At this moment, the producers of “Big Brother 14” may officially be panicking when it comes to their hopes of a real-life version of “The Big Bang Theory” with Ashley and Ian — based what happened in the Head of Household room around midnight, we got an another example of geeks finishing last versus the guy with big muscles.

As we reported late Tuesday night, Ashley and Frank agreed to have a “date” in the HoH room that was supposed to involve ice cream … but instead they just go drunk, cleaned out some dead fish out of the aquarium, and then made out for a while. The two dressed up for the occasion — Ashley dressed like she was about to be evicted, and Frank actually wore pants. Somehow, though, we still think that the slop date with Ian and Ashley was actually more romantic, even with him screwing it up about halfway through by starting to talk game.

Will anything game-related come out of this? Probably not. Frank is savvy enough to know that it was just kissing for just kissing’s sake, while Ashley would probably still vote him out in a split second. It’s possible that they were both trying to manipulate each other, but instead are going to get nothing out of it at all.

As for what else is happening in the house at the moment, it’s really rather quiet save for Danielle’s constant complaining. She’s upset about Shane talking about other girls, and then upset that the Zingbot hurt her feelings by joking that Shane was going to give her a restraining order by the end of this show. Watching Danielle is almost like watching either a soap opera, an after-school special, or somewhere in between.

Do you think Ashley is going to come off bad on TV for kissing Frank? We want to hear from you below! Be sure to head over to this link if you want to see where they each stand in our rankings, and we have more live feed updates in the sidebar to the right.

Photo: CBS

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