‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: All about Ian & Ashley, Shane & Danielle

Mostly this season on “Big Brother 14,” we have seen production try to amp up showmances like it is nobody’s business. We have had multiple montages created to celebrate the “romance” between Danielle and Shane, which is really more of a no-mance in real life. Meanwhile, the past live show tried to play up Ian and Ashley like they were the real-life version of Leonard and Penny from “The Big Bang Theory.”

Most of the time this season, these no-mances have been non-factors in the grand scheme of the game — however, that is starting to change a little bit courtesy of the events on Tuesday night. Danielle is starting to get annoyed with Shane, and is even thinking about confronting him about his attitude as of late — which has consisted in part of talking about how he wants to hook up with other people from past seasons. Dear Danielle … why did it take the Zingbot to make you aware that Shane was just not that into you? If this pair does disintegrate, the Silent Six alliance could have trouble later on.

As for Ian, he is freaking out over a relationship that has not been a big deal for weeks. Ashley and Ian have not really been talking for some time, and to an extent this seems to be making Ashley a little bit jealous. Why? She doesn’t understand why Ian spends hours talking with Britney and not with her. Ian, meanwhile, thinks that she is upset because he’s talked about Kristen from season 12 being attractive. (Yes, this is petty.) Ian’s suddenly realized that it is in his interest to keep the flirting with Ashley going for a while, but things have now become awkward with her … and she’s also supposedly going on some sort of ice cream date with Frank in the Head of Household room later. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Ashley trying to play the game. Everyone is getting upset over petty things, and she (and strangely Ian) seem to believe that flirting is actually going to get them further.

As for the voting, it appears as though Wil is leaving the game, but this is not necessary assured at the moment. Ashley is the one person supposedly voting to evict Joe for sure.

Do you think these “no-mances” really could change the outcome of the game?┬áTo check out some more spoilers when it comes to the live feed, head on over to this link.

Photo: CBS

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