‘MasterChef’ review: Frank is one cold cook

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new “MasterChef,” but the show made a welcome return to Fox Tuesday with some excitement, fine dining, and one of the coldest moves made by a contestant just yet.

Really, we’ll start with that simply because there is so much here to talk about. After taking responsibility for himself, David, and Josh losing the team challenge at Hatfield’s in Los Angeles, Frank told the judges that if he had the opportunity to save someone on his team (including himself) from the pressure test, that he would probably save Josh due to his performance. However, when actually given this opportunity, he instead decided to leave the guy hanging and take the save for himself. Strategy-wise, it was a smart move for him to make; however, it certainly didn’t do a guy who has come across as likable most of the season any favors. If you make a decision, you have to stick with it!

This move left Josh and David to face off in a pressure test that was similar to what we saw last season, where they had to show their technical skill by cooking three steaks in different ways — one rare, one medium rare, and one well done. It was something that is a really tough challenge to do in a short amount of time, and neither one of them did it perfectly. On this occasion, the difference between David and Josh was simply that the latter cook managed to get the steaks a little bit closer to what the judges were asking for. David was sent home, and we were admittedly rather touched by his exit. We’ve been on hard on the guy at times this season, and many of the contestants we’ve talked to have not been his biggest fan — however, you have to be pretty darn talented to get a job offer from Graham Elliot on the spot, and that is a better prize in some ways than just about anyone will get outside of the winner.

What did you think about Frank’s move to save himself, and do you think he judges sent home the right person? To check out our recent interview with Felix Fang, be sure and click here.

Photo: Fox

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