‘Pretty Little Liars’ review: Emily, Maya, and plenty of bad news

There was quite a bit of drama that unfolded during Tuesday night’s new episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” and much of it is going to end up playing a key role in solving at least question that has been floating around since the end of last season — who killed Maya St. Germain?

Thanks to the final piece of surveillance captured at Noel Kahn’s cabin (which was possibly handed to her in part to clear his name), we saw very clearly that the person responsible for killing her was neither Noel, Jenna, nor Garrett. There is someone else out there who has to be the killer, and they are still at large. Unfortunately, there weren’t any other clues … but isn’t this a start?

This reveal could be soon as good news for the Liars in hat they’ve narrowed down their suspects, but in reality it’s not given that they are now looking at someone who they believe to be playing for the good guys. (Unless it’s Lucas, and nobody knows whose team he is on…)

This was clearly not the only case of bad news that we got in this episode, though, as we potentially saw an end to Emily and Paige all over again when Paige saw her new girlfriend kissing Maya’s cousin Nate in the middle of an emotional meeting. It’s possible that we will never see anything between the two of them again, but this was enough to surely cause plenty of problems for the time being as Nate is confused, and Emily is going to find out sooner or later that Paige knows what happened.

In speaking of problems, Hanna clearly has one now with Wren — and his interest in her continues an interesting trend of couples with massive age differences on the show. Wren is clearly the creepiest since he has not fancied two different girls who are still in high school, but we also have Aria and Ezra (who are trying to deal with the aftermath of the reveal of Ezra’s past) and Ella and her new coffee shop beau who Aria is just starting to approve of. Out of the three, we are giving Aria’s romance the best shot mostly just because it has gone through so much already, and if they can get past the whole teacher / student relationship, then they can surely get through this. With that being said, we like seeing Ella happy.

Overall, this really was one of the best episodes “Pretty Little Liars” has put out there this season — it didn’t waste time on stories that don’t matter, brought us nearer to the end of one story, and even threw a wrench into some romantic subplots that, while polarizing, are at least interesting.

Are you shocked that Emily and Nate kissed, and who do you think killed Maya based on the evidence? To see some new photos from the season finale, check out our story over here.

Photo: ABC Family

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