‘The Glee Project’ finale review: Is the season 2 winner Blake, Aylin, or Ali?

We’ve waited a long time to find out who the winner of “The Glee Project” season 2 will be, but on Tuesday night’s finale it was finally revealed just who is going to be receiving a seven-episode arc on the show.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been a finale without some past contestants returning, and so we had a reunion of everyone that we have seen on the show all season long — from fan favorite Nellie to Michael, who was eliminated this past week. They all performed a final music video set to “Tonight, Tonight,” and then they had the opportunity to give a last-chance performance for the ages using a song of their choosing. Here are how each of the contenders fared in front of an audience that included Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, and many “Glee” writers and cast members.

Ali Stroker, “Popular” – This was brilliant in every shape or form. Ali came into the performance knowing that she wanted to play a character that Ryan could write for, and she showed a sassy side that we haven’t seen before.

Blake Jenner, “I’ll Be” – This is not a song that is easy to perform, mostly because it can come off as boring so easily. Thankfully, Blake put a ton of emotion into this performance — and even capped it off with a poem about who he is that really tugged at our heartstrings. This guy has seemed so “cool” for most of the season … but now, we see him as the underdog who could fit on this show.

Aylin, “Rolling in the Deep” – We were hoping that Aylin would pick a song that was a little less omnipresent in pop culture, but there’s no denying that her voice sounded great here. Not only that, but she managed to look constantly on the verge of tears during the performance without crying — and that’s something many people can do.

Based on the feedback from the cast and the writers, we actually felt that Ali was probably going to take home the title — even though we loved Charlie’s passionate plea out of nowhere to give Aylin the title. Personally, we probably would have picked Aylin simply because she is someone who is completely different than anyone on TV right now — but did Ryan agree? No. Instead, the winner was Blake — and even though we just stated our favorite, we’re still incredibly happy for the guy. He’s incredibly talented, and was really the best actor on the show throughout. With that in mind, he should be a perfect fit on the show. Now, we just have to start guessing who he will play…

Do you think the right person won this season? To check out some more scoop when it comes to “Glee” itself, be sure to read our story over at this link.

Photo: Oxygen

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