‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Pandora’s Box paranoia

When you are in the “Big Brother” house, really just about anything can get you on edge — so when Frank was locked out of the Head of Household Room for a time on Tuesday afternoon, it led to all sorts of crazy speculation about one thing — was Pandora’s Box on the way? Nothing has happened yet, but we have to admit that it could be a possibility.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers from the live feed.)

Thanks to this occurrence, both Frank and Boogie have already started to speculate away as to what the twist could be — and of course, Boogie wants him to open it given that they are seemingly in a pretty good place at the moment. If Pandora is going to be stopping by, it could just be for something silly this time. After all, we are pretty late in the week now, and it doesn’t seem like much time for the editors to get everything together for Thursday’s show if there are a lot of major events happening.

However, there is another possibility that will surely have anti-Frank conspiracy theorists up in arms — what if we are setting up for a twist where he puts someone else on the block? If this happens, Dan and Frank were in agreement that they should consider getting rid of someone like Britney — who they each occasionally find annoying — or Shane, who could be a challenge beast a little bit later in the game if the right things fall into his lap. We will say this, though — as much as we like Frank, we don’t want to see him have that much more power in this game. Then again, maybe it will be a notice that an eviction is happening early, and they are setting up for a Fast Forward to happen on Thursday night’s episode.

Of course, this could all be baseless speculation and Pandora’s Box may not be happening at all.

Do you think that Pandora’s Box could be on the way, and what do you think it could be? We want to hear your thoughts! To check out what Danielle and Boogie are up to in the house, read our story over here.

Photo: CBS

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