‘True Blood’ first look: Is [spoiler] in deep trouble?

The penultimate episode of “True Blood” is coming up this Sunday, and at the moment there is really just one question that we have that could alter the very framework for this show — is Bill Compton really under Lilith’s spell, or is he just pretending?

At the start of the promo for the upcoming episode (entitled “Sunset”), Stephen Moyer’s character receives a command from Lilith to drink the entire vial of her blood — claiming that only one person can really enjoy it. His response seems to be to do so, considering that he is later seen calling Jason Stackhouse “food” and yammering about how he is supposedly “the chosen one” destined to lead all vampires to the promised land.

As for Jason, there is some question here as to whether or not he is alive at the end of this clip — or whether it was Bill or Russell Edgington who really got to him. Our primary fear here is that he has not only perished, but will be turned into a vampire. Please, “True Blood” — don’t let this happen. We already have enough vampires, and Jason is one of the few characters who really needs to survive in order to make this show worthwhile.

We can confirm that there will be at least one death during the August 26 conclusion to the show — after all, multiple actors have described the final few minuets as a “bloodbath” and that at least one or two important characters will cherish. Of course, “important” is in the eye of the holder — they could be talking about someone like Jason, or someone like the remaining members of the Authority.

Who do you think is in the greatest danger for the final two episodes?¬†We want to hear your thoughts below, and be sure to check out the story here if you want to get some thoughts from Jim Parrack about Hoyt’s exit from the show.

Photo: HBO

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