‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Danielle’s unintentional comedy

There may not be much happening at the moment in the “Big Brother 14” house when it comes to actual gameplay, but who isn’t in the mood for a little bit of comedy? We don’t know if this will ever make it to air, but it is a story definitely worth sharing.

As you saw during Sunday night’s episode, Mike “Boogie” has already figured out that Danielle is probably lying about being a kindergarten teacher for whatever reason and is probably a nurse based on the way in which she talks about medicine. To add recent events into the mix here, Boogie is currently suffering from an ear infection that he seemingly got being in the water.

So in a conversation Tuesday afternoon, Boogie proceeded to talk with Danielle about what he was suffering from, and she proceeded to give him some suggestions when it came to the treatment … more suggestions than you would think an everyday teacher would offer. She tried to justify it by saying that she picked this up courtesy of her kids, but we have a feeling that Boogie was cackling on the inside the entire time she kept going on and on.

Really, it’s hard to even understand the logic behind lies like this one — both nurses and teachers are pretty admirable jobs, and it doesn’t really see like one will be treated any different than the other. Really, we think that this may just be a case of people over-thinking the game, which Danielle is prone to do courtesy of her relationship with Shane and her fear about Janelle going after her when she was not really even on the legendary player’s radar.

Do you anticipate us seeing more Danielle mockery on the show moving forward when it comes to this?┬áTo see where Danielle and Boogie stand in our new edition of “Big Brother” rankings, be sure and read the story here.

Photo: CBS

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