‘Big Brother 14’ rankings: Ian Terry becomes the top dog

A few weeks ago, we thought Ian Terry was destined to only last a couple of weeks in “Big Brother 14” after being looked at as a major thorn in just about everyone’s side. However, he has since moved on to become a pretty smart social gamer — and now from this perspective one of the biggest threats to win. He’s friends with almost everyone, has a few tight alliances, and is decent enough in challenges (even if he hasn’t won one yet) that he could pull out a victory when he needs to.

For now, though, let’s get to the rest of the weekly rankings.

11. Wil Heuser (last week: #9) – Somehow, Wil forgot that in order to do well in this game, you can’t be bitter — and we really don’t get how Wil thinks Frank is being “not classy” for putting a guy on the block who was planning to humiliate him a couple of weeks ago.

10. Joe Arvin (last week: #10) – Strangely, we could see Joe actually lasting for a while if he survives this vote. He’s not a big threat, and he’s also a number if people in the house choose to use him right. Joe said it perfectly earlier this season — there are much bigger fish to fry at the moment than him.

9. Frank Eudy (last week: #11) – The fact that everyone in the house wants Frank out is a pretty good reason why we can’t rank him higher than this. He’s a challenge warrior, and he better count on the Power of Veto next week to save him.

8. Dan Gheesling (last week: #4) – As good of a gamer as Dan is — and he’s a really good gamer — it took a last-minute miracle from Boogie to keep Frank from backdooring him next week. He may not be so lucky next time.

7. Mike “Boogie” Malin (last week: #7) – Boogie is slightly shielded by the fact that Frank is a bigger threat than him, even if he can play in the Head of Household challenge next week. Boogie could win this game again, but we’ll probably never rank him #1.

6. Ashley Iocco (last week: #5) – She’s part of the minority alliance, but most importantly she’s starting to aggravate people in the house. Shane even accused her of playing up her injury for sympathy.

5. Shane Meaney (last week: #8) – The best thing that has ever happened for Shane in this game is Frank being such a huge threat. It’s easily bought him another week or two of safety.

4. Danielle Murphree (last week: #2) – The only real way we see someone going after Danielle is if one of the other coaches wants to hurt Dan while keeping him in the game — it’s either that or Shane finally severs ties and she loses her mind.

3. Britney Haynes (last week: #1) – Britney may have Boogie after her to some extent now, but she’s still playing a really strong game and staying under the radar. She’s not good at many challenges in the game, but she is excellent at being aware, knowing who is talking to who in the house, and acting on it.

2. Jenn Arroyo (last week: #6) – The only time people even mention “Jenn City” is when they are annoyed by how little she does in the game, but that’s not enough to want her out right now. She’s destined to make at least the final six, and will only be taken out in the event that someone wants to go to the end with someone more deserving.

1. Ian Terry (last week: #3) – The house pet rises to the top this week, mostly based on the amount of intelligence that he is playing this game with at the moment. He’s very close to Boogie and Britney, is a part of the “Quack Pack,” is good friends with Frank, and even still has lines of communication with Jenn. There are so many people interested in taking this guy to the final two (even Dan), and what they don’t realize is that he could actually win this game if he gets there.

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Photo: CBS

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