‘Bachelor Pad 3’: Emily Maynard comes to Chris Bukowski’s defense

If you have read our reviews for “Bachelor Pad 3” over the past several weeks, then it is probably no secret to you that we have not exactly been kind all of the time when it comes to our thoughts on Chris Bukowski. Throughout the show he has come across as arrogant, and also hooked up with some many people in a short amount of time that he has been proclaimed everything from a “dog” to a “jerk” by a good many of the show’s fans online.

Chris has had the horror of watching so much of this play back, and his defense in all of this is simple — “Bachelor Pad” is a game show, and his strategy has been to try and confuse and manipulate the women into all thinking that he is the guy working with them and only them. Has it worked? To an extent, sure — but it has also caused a fair share of problems now that he has been called out on his act after spending some time with Sarah Newlon.

Now, Chris is being defended by someone who got to know who he really is earlier this year — Emily Maynard. She hasn’t watched the show yet (possibly out of her own anger about Kalon McMahon being cast on it), but she wrote the following message on her Twitter account about the way in which he is playing the game:

“And for all of you watching Bachelor Pad, take it easy onĀ @chrisjbukowski! I haven’t seen it yet, but I promise he’s a sweet guy!”

It’s possible that Emily is right and that Chris is a good guy at heart — he just may have been caught up with all of the hoopla surrounding the show, being a reality TV star, and having so many women constantly throwing themselves at him.

What do you think about Emily’s comments towards Chris? We want to hear from you below! To check out our full review of this week’s episode, be sure to pay a visit to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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