‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Another episode title unveiled

Only one day after we revealed that the title of the eighth episode of “Dexter” this coming season will be the mysterious “Argentina,” we now have some more news pertaining to what we will see in the episode immediately following that.

According to SpoilerTV, episode 7.09 is going to be entitled “Helter Skelter,” which is unfortunately about as vague of an episode title as you can really get when it comes to this show. Ultimately, this name only means two separate things to us:

1. Complete and utter chaos — which is hardly a surprise for “Dexter” given that we traditionally see that around the ninth episode of every season.

2. A song from The Beatles — and unlike “True Blood” (who often links their episode titles to song lyrics), there’s not really much of a connection between this show and music.

Really, this will probably make a little more sense once we actually see the episode, but even then it could just be a relatively vague title. More so than some other shows “Dexter” titles tend to not contain hidden meanings, and many of them are often pretty forgettable. After all, there is a title for an episode coming up that is merely “Run,” and the only one outside of “Argentina” worth remembering so far is “Are You…,” which is otherwise known as the season premiere coming up on September 30. (This one is clearly all about Dexter and Deb.)

Do you think that there is any particular significance to the “Helter Skelter” title, or do you think we are just looking at something more or less meant to signify chaos? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To check out some more scoop pertaining to special guest star Yvonne Strahovski from this coming season, read our story over at this link.

Photo: Showtime

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