‘The Glass House’ review: Cheers for Jeffrey — and for the challenge

The Glass House” is a show that we started out despising, but we are starting to at least admit that there are a few subtle charms here and there that we wish were more present earlier in the season — from Ori’s sense of humor to how some of these contestants were actually thinking strategically.

Out of the final five contestants, we are also rather pleased with the fact that they are all pretty defined characters — whether it be Erica (who is consistently willing to speak her mind), Kevin (who mostly just sits around and makes the ladies fall for him), and Jeffrey. We love Jeffrey. Why? He actually is playing a pretty cool strategic game that makes us wish he was on something that was not a popularity contest at the end of the day. He made a smart move in sending Erica into limbo, so it did force the once-powerful Gene to go out the door. He also made a smart move by voting for himself to face off against Mike in the challenge this week — if he won, it would keep him from going into limbo. After all, he knew the others were going to vote him in otherwise.

We also have to say that the challenge that the show had this week was really one of the coolest things that we have ever seen from any competition show. With the ratings as bad as they are, nobody really would have blamed the production staff for starting to give up. However, they have actually managed to top themselves week after week. This time around, we had the contestants repel down a giant dollhouse while seeing visual clues about previously-eliminated contestants in their separate “rooms.” It was a really cool design, and it was also a memory game. Jefrey ended up winning, and it really was (to quote Erica) “one of the most epic underdog victories ever.” Did this just get him $250,000? It’s possible, since we want to vote for him after watching it.

Thanks to Jeffrey’s win, it was pretty obvious that Erica was joining Mike and limbo — and it did happen despite Jeffrey actually voting to keep her around this time. Will she stick around? Probably. After all, she is a major underdog. In a twist, though, these two will at least get to spend their final few days in the house rather than sitting around in limbo somewhere.

What did you think about Monday night’s episode, and do you think the legend of Jeffrey was born? To check out some more “Glass House” news, be sure to head over to this link.

Photo: ABC

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