‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: The battle of the black jackets

At the start of Monday night’s new episode of “Hell’s Kitchen,” the remaining chefs all had something pretty incredible to celebrate — after all, they had finally earned the black jackets that they had worked so hard to receive! However, about thirty minutes in they were quick to realize that they weren’t the only folks in the house looking to compete at dinner service.

After a team challenge that led to one of the most awkward rewards ever (Clemenza staring at Dana’s bikini body while the two went out to a private lake together), the six remaining chefs were introduced to six returning chefs who all finished in second place on their past seasons — including “Blue Jay” from season 7 (otherwise best known for his desperate hope to sleep with Holli) and the impossibly-arrogant Russell from season 8. They all obviously had something to prove, and from our standpoint it was also pretty clear from the get-go that these chefs were the better of the group. After all, we never saw some of them making the same mistakes that we saw from the likes of Dana or Clemenza this season. Both teams did at least manage to finish their service without anyone getting thrown out of the kitchen, but the returning chefs cleaned their clock. The last time returning chefs came on the show, they ended up losing the challenge — but not this time.

The real debate when it came to the elimination was whether or not Dana should go home for not keeping people out of her station — she didn’t make that many mistakes before it happened, but the moment it happened the fish station spiraled fast. The good news for Dana? She’d been solid for most of the competition before this point whereas Robin and Clemenza have struggled far more all season long — and they were the bottom two.

Despite the face that Clemenza has six (!) appearances in the bottom, he managed to survive yet again while Robin was sent home. She may be polarizing and often volatile, but we have to give her some credit for actually leaving in a cool, classy way — thanking Chef Ramsay for allowing her to get as far as she did.

Do you think that Ramsay made the right decision? To check out some more news related to the show, be sure and check out the story here.

Photo: Fox

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