‘Bachelor Pad 3’ review: Another eye roll for Chris Bukowski

Sometimes when we watch Chris Bukowski on “Bachelor Pad,” we wonder one thing above all else — does this guy even realize he is on TV? Within the span of three weeks, we have seen the guy hook up with three different women, bash two of them behind their backs, and also act like he is the greatest human being to ever walk this earth. We really just can’t get over the guy’s arrogance, or how he has managed to stay in this game.

One thing we also can’t get over? The fact that Ed Swiderski — twice a loser when it comes to the show’s challenges — actually ended up winning something! Granted, there was nothing involving physical strength, and it was mostly about random show facts and gossip in the house. Jaclyn Swartz won among the ladies, and the two actually made the unusual decision to take each other out for the one-on-one date afterwards. Therefore, they had to decide who to give roses to among the rest of the group — and while Chris decided to take Sarah Newlon (his third woman of the competition) on a one-on-one date that was handed to him, Ed opted to give Rachel Truehart his extra rose.

When everyone in the house found out what exactly happened between Chris and Sarah, there were varying looks of shock, disgust, and also indifference among some people. After all, there was a vote that had to happen! David Mallet was clearly the biggest target as the only remaining newbie in the competition, while for the ladies Chris’ “ex” Blakeley Jones was also shaking in her boots after being in trouble last week.

However, it was strangely the other Chris “ex” who was sent home in Jamie Otis, mostly because Ed gave in to the suggestions of Jaclyn, who had some strange justification for getting her out that we still don’t quite understand. Meanwhile, David of course went home in the biggest non-shocker of the entire season so far.

What do you think about Chris’ actions on this week’s episode, and would you be embarrassed now if you were him? To check out some of our current contestant rankings for this show, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: ABC

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