‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Ian as double agent

If Ian Terry somehow manages to go far on “Big Brother 14,” he’s starting to make a pretty good case for himself as someone who could win this game. He’s not a challenge threat, but has managed to establish trust and is relaying information better than Shelly did last season or Joe has done at times this time around.

As we told you last night, Ian was responsible for telling Dan that Frank was considering backdooring him, but made it clear that it probably wasn’t going to happen. Dan’s a smart enough guy to know not to rat Ian out, and he has information that he can use later in the game. Following the Veto Ceremony Monday, the two talked again and Ian told him that there was only a small percentage chance that a backdoor situation was going to happen. Ian was just one of the people responsible for convincing him to keep nominations the same, with him stressing that it would help him build some loyalty and trust. Then again, it was strange to hear Ian telling Frank anything about this since Frank is not technically a member of his “Quack Pack.” Nonetheless, the two guys here agreed that they did not want to give floaters all the power this early in the game, and getting rid of Wil or Frank ensures that more strong people will make it further in the game.

Following this conversation — which included Dan saying that he was having nightmares over getting backdoored — Ian told Frank that really, his goal just to make the jury house so he can have extra money. They also speculated about how the next Head of Household challenge will likely be endurance, and Joe is not likely to win it if he stays since he doesn’t have the strength seemingly of many of the other players.

Do you think Ian’s gameplay is starting to get really good this season, or has he just gotten really lucky? We want to hear your thoughts below!┬áTo read some more scoop from the Power of Veto Ceremony Monday, be sure and check out the link here.

Photo: CBS

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