‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: An ‘A-Team’ finale detail

Over the past few weeks, there has been a question that many diehard “Pretty Little Liars” fans have been anxious to get an answer to — is the person ABC Family is labeling as the “betrayer’ for the midseason finale airing later this month a member of the ever-so-dangerous “A Team”? While many of us thought that it may be so, the show’s executive producer has finally come forward and made it crystal clear.

In a new post on Twitter, here is what Marlene King had to say about

“For all of you who have asked… Yes, the betrayer who will be unmasked in the summer finale is a member of the A-TEAM.”

The list of suspects as to who could be the culprit here is pretty extensive, but all them are people who have had some sort of friendly relationship with the Liars over the years — whether it be Aria’s boyfriend Ezra, Emily’s new girlfriend Paige, some of the parents, or even the Liars themselves. The only character who has been acting especially evil as of late that is on the list is Lucas, and at this point he seems a little too much like an obvious choice to be pulling the strings alongside Mona. Then again, so does Ezra since everyone seems to be suspecting him — we think we probably heard the worst secret he is keeping last week when it comes to his romantic past.

Even once this reveal happens, the story of what the Liars are going through is far from over — after all, we know that there is probably more than one team member out there.

Does knowing that the betrayer is a part of the “A-team” change your mind at all as to who it could be?┬áIf you want to check out some sneak peeks from Tuesday night’s new episode of the show, be sure and follow the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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