‘Parks and Recreation’ season 5: Check out some Olympic-themed promos!

With the Olympic Games now over, NBC is still hoping that your memories of the event are good ones and not related to tape delay — how else can you justify the new promos that have been released for “Parks and Recreation” season 5? The Games are front and center — but thankfully, so is comedy.

You can check out the three promos below, and we also have a brief description to go with each of them:

1. A new swimming record – We’re almost scared to give a whole lot of detail here — let’s just say that it involves a man running around indoors in way too little clothing. Michael Phelps, you may have serious competition — that is, if someone comes and steals your talent like we saw it happen in “Space Jam.”

2. Bangers and Mash – In England, this is referred to as a traditional food that is popular in a number of pubs — in Pawnee, Ron Swanson finds a way to make it look incredibly disgusting.

3. A wrestling match – Tom decides to wrestle Ron, and by “wrestle,” we really just mean grab at him in hopes that he can get him to move from his stationary position. This is a bigger Olympic blowout than when Team USA squared off against Nigeria and clobbered them into the ground. The only difference is that in the basketball match, we had more pity for the losing team than we do here.

Do you have a personal favorite among these promos? We want to hear from you below! To check out some more news about a political heavyweight who is going to be making a cameo on the coming season, be sure and read our story here.

Photo: NBC

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