‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2: One actor shares appreciation

There are a good many people who love “Once Upon a Time,” and there are a number of reasons why — there’s a rich backstory, some colorful characters, and a defined sort of battle between good and evil that tends to capture a pretty large audience.

So what is it like for an actor to try and take on some of this material? As it turns out, the feeling is really an appreciation for all of the above. In an interview with The Morton Report (which you can over at this link), actor Tony Amendola — best known here for his part of Geppetto — explains what exactly it is about the show that has drawn him to it:

“That’s what I love. How did Prince Charming [Josh Dallas] meet Snow White [Ginnifer Goodwin]? Why does The Evil Queen [Lana Perrilla] hate so much? Is she just all hate or is there hurt there, too? The fact that they look at those types of questions is what makes the show so fascinating to me, and I actually watch it, too, which says says something right there. As an actor you might watch your episodes, but with Once Upon a Time I’ve seen every one so far. It was great fun to shoot the episode with Geppetto’s back story. They worked me wonderfully hard and I’m appreciative of that. It felt so good.”

So will we see more of Geppetto during the show’s second season? We have to expect so, mostly because there is still some massive stories worth telling when it comes to his relationship with his son — who in Storybrooke is known other than August. Did the magic coming into the town cure him of his curse, and cause him to transform back into a “real man”? We should find out pretty soon, and this father / son relationship should be explored even better now that Geppetto knows just who his son really is.

To check out some more scoop from the show when it comes to Josh Dallas, be sure and follow the link here.

Photo: ABC

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