‘The Newsroom’ review: Casey Anthony becomes the new enemy

Even some of “The Newsroom’s” biggest critics should recognize one thing about Sunday night’s new episode — this series is starting to really come together, and the end results are nothing short of sensational. Despite being nearly an hour in length, the first part of a two-part episode really managed to deliver in being thoroughly entertaining and also thought-provoking when it comes to what news qualified as “good news.”

In the world of ACN, we learned Sunday that Casey Anthony and Anthony Weiner were “bad news,” and just about everyone was dreading covering them in a ratings ploy that was designed mostly for one thing and one thing only — to sell out for a few weeks just in order to land a big-name GOP debate that they can use to help revolutionize how televised debates are handled. With this in mind, we saw things get tabloid-like as Mackenzie neared an emotional breakdown — one made worse by the fact that Will hired the man she cheated on him with in order to do a magazine interview.

While this debate over the value of hard news was interesting, but what may have been the most shocking plot of the week was watching Charlie find out that one of Leona’s other companies in TMI was using phone-hacking to find out some of their tabloid headlines. This is going to be an interesting story for “News Night” to cover, mostly become the implications for it here are enormous — Will runs he risk of embarrassing the people above him and costing them their jobs, but not reporting it would be damaging the integrity of their very industry.

What did you think of Sunday night’s episode, and do you appreciate or scoff at “News Night” and their stance on Casey Anthony?┬áTo check out what new series is mimicking “The Newsroom” in pretty much any and every way, be sure and read the story here.

Photo: HBO

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