MTV to have live Robert Pattinson Q&A session

The Olympics are over in London, but here in America the tabloids are getting set to kick off what in many ways is their version of the Summer Games — trying to figure out how many different ways in which they can spin Robert Pattinson TV interviews into stories about his relationship with Kristen Stewart. We already know that the actor is going to be visiting David Letterman and Jon Stewart this week — and now, we can also confirm that he will be featured as a part of an MTV: First special on Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. Eastern.

During this special at around 7:49, the well-known star of the “Twilight” film franchise is set to premiere a new clip from his upcoming film “Cosmopolis” –and after he does so, he will kick off a live Q&A session on Do you want to ask a question? All you have to do is tweet @MTVNews using the hashtag #AskRob.

For those of you expect some sort of earth-shattering news to unfold during this special, be aware that it’s probably not going to happen. Pattinson has never spoken publicly about his relationship with Stewart, and it’s hard to think that he will suddenly do it now during a cheating scandal — which is really the last time people want to talk about their personal life. Expect most questions to either be geared towards his new movie, the “Twilight” franchise, or some causes that he is standing up for. The good news? Even with a limited scope of talking points, Pattinson is one of our favorite movie stars to watch in interviews due to his sharp wit and ability to speak candidly about the filming process or things that are not his personal life.

Are you planning to watch this special? Be sure and share below! We also have more information about the actor’s TV tour up over at this link.

Photo: MTV

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