Gordon Ramsay returns with ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ ‘Hotel Hell’

It has been a few weeks thanks to the Olympics, but on Monday night Chef Gordon Ramsay is back to do one of our absolute favorite things in primetime — help people while at the same time flip his lid on him. To make this even better, we are even going to see something new from the man that we haven’t quite seen before.

“Hotel Hell” – If you love “Kitchen Nightmares,” it’s possible that you’re going to love Ramsay doing the same exact thing with hotels. He has some experience in the industry dating back to his boyhood, and many of his restaurants are actually attached to hotels — in other words, he does know the standards here rather well.

However, the problem Ramsay is going to run into here is that most casual viewers likely will only know him as a chef, so watching him deal with hotels is not exactly as appealing. The show has already been pushed back a couple of times to its current premiere date, so it’s a bit of a toss-up as to how it will fare.

“Hell’s Kitchen” – Now, we move on to something that is a little bit more of a sure thing — the return of the Ramsay hit that started it all for him here in America. Monday night is going to see the return of a challenge we saw last year — one where Ramsay brought back past chefs to compete against the cast currently wearing the black jackets.

So who are these chefs? It’s hard to see based on the previews, but what we are subtly hoping for is that this is going to set the stage for a potential “Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars” show. We don’t always love bringing back former contestants, but there is such a good pool to choose from here that it could really work.

What show are you the most excited to see Monday night? We want to hear your thoughts below! To check out a recap of what’s happened on “Hell’s Kitchen” so far this season, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: Fox

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