‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Deals, discussions, and one giant target

After a weekend of watching paint dry in the “Big Brother 14” house, we have finally some good news for those of you who actually love gameplay and things happening — some action! While most of it is pure conversation, it at least gives us an idea as to where some heads are at moving forward in this game. It’s too bad, though, that so many of these moves are based on people winning who have done nothing so far this season.

Take, for example, Britney — who is being an incredibly smart player at the moment despite doing a terrible job as a coach earlier this season. She realizes at this point that Shane may be more keen to take Danielle (who he knows he would beat at the end) than someone in Britney who could be a little more of a strategic threat even as a returning player — plus, he also knows that she is more likely to turn on him than Dani. With that all in mind, Britney is getting ever closer to Ian, and they are talking about how getting read of Frank and Boogie sooner rather than later is valuable. The problem with this? They are relying on Dan to win a challenge, and plan to throw it to him if they have a chance to. Even if Dan wins, it’s not a given he will put “Froogie” up on the block, and it’s hardly a way to get jury support at the end of the game.

Speaking of people never winning challenges, Wil and Jenn have also talked a good bit about how the new Chilltown needs to win the game tonight, though we have no idea how they plan on actually making this happen given their 0 challenge wins between the two of them. Really, the vibe we’re getting from the house is this — basically, Frank and Boogie are in trouble next week no matter what happens. Britney has done a good job of reminding everyone how good of a player Frank is, and that he has to go. Boogie winning HoH is really at this point the only move that the duo has at all unless they can hit another home run.

From a strategic standpoint, we understand the value of getting a beast like Frank out of the house — but in seeing people like him, Janelle last week, Dan, and Shane listed as constant targets, we admit to being a little bit worried about this season as a whole. Doesn’t it look like the end of this game is really going to be the floater patrol? This is starting to feel more and more like season 11 with every passing day.

Does the idea of a Britney / Ian alliance excite you, and is Frank really the #1 target in the house in your eyes? We want to hear from you below! To check out our review of Sunday night’s episode, be sure and visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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