‘Weeds’ review: Nancy learns some new ‘job skills’

We learned something new during Sunday night’s new episode of “Weeds” — as much as people may hate pot dealers, they apparently hate pharmaceutical sales reps even more. Most of this episode was a tribute of sorts to one of the hardest jobs in America, as you have to actually convince doctors’ offices — most of whom scowl at the very sight of you — to actually take on some of your product.

As it turns out, Nancy is not exactly good at her new job in a practical sort of way. Instead, she spent most of her time messing it up and angering people before finally getting a doctor to sign off by sleeping with him in the car that she helped to clean. As for her son Silas, he didn’t exactly fare any better — and based on really how some of the other “growers” treated him in the lab, he had an even worse first day on the job. (But it is still a job, right?)

For this solid (but not necessarily spectacular) episode, occupational hazard seemed to be the key. Andy started off a new career by scaring a number of young Jewish children into listening to him, Shane graduated from police academy and landed an internship at an impound lot, and Doug was found out for basically creating a fake charity so he could funnel around money while reaping the tax benefits. If he doesn’t fix this, he could actually face some hard time — which is something that Nancy is hoping to avoid by getting into this new business. The only person who’s not diving into work not is Jill, but she has her hands full with plenty — mostly in having to deal with all the children at home.

We said this last week, though, and it still holds true — we’re not really sure where the endgame for this show is now. Are the Botwins going to now get back into the family business? If the show is going for some sort of happy ending, most of the characters outside of Doug now have it. They may not have the best jobs ever, but they’re not in as much danger as they once were. Plus, Andy has a child on the way!

Do you like the idea of Nancy as a pharma rep, or do you wish “Weeds’ would return to its roots in more ways than one? We want to hear some of your thoughts below!┬áTo check out what else “Weeds” star Justin Kirk is up to at the moment in terms of another show, be sure and visit the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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