‘Two and a Half Men’ season 10 spoilers: Is Miley Cyrus coming on?

For those of you wondering whether or not Miley Cyrus was going to be landing a judging gig on “American Idol” this coming season, you may want to cool your jets — the actress may have just been added to “Two and a Half Men” for a guest arc of at least one episode and maybe more.

According to LOTRAF (via The Huffington Post) the former “Hannah Montana” star (who just chopped off the majority of her hair, as you can see to the left) is supposed to be jumping on board the CBS sitcom to play a local girl who begins dating Angus T. Jones’ character of Jake — who is set to have a rather new role of his own this season as he transitions into being an adult. The twist here? Jake’s not the only one crushing after her, as Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) also happens to have some feelings of his own.

We’re still a little bit hesitant to confirm this story, if for no other reason that it has yet to really be picked up across many major outlets, and neither Cyrus nor CBS has confirmed the talk just yet. With that being said, it is something worth watching out for — and we’ll have more news either way once we find out some more information. One of the main reasons we’re still skeptical? Cyrus’ name is supposedly Harper, which is the same as Jake and Alan’s name. (Maybe the writers are going for a “if you get married, you’ll be ‘Harper Harper’ sort of thing.)

Meanwhile, what we can tell you for sure is that singer Michael Bolton will be guest-starring on the season 10 premiere of the show — so if for whatever reason the Miley talk doesn’t pan out, at least you have Captain Jack Sparrow from The Lonely Island video. We also have some more news about a “True Blood” star coming on board over at this link.

Update: It is now looking more and more like this is legitimate, and Miley is in fact joining the show.

Photo: Twitter / Miley Cyrus

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