‘Breaking Bad’ review: Snakes and a train

After watching Skyler White’s complete and total breakdown on “Breaking Bad” last season, there was one major question we had about this week’s installment — just where was she going to go from here?

What was really strange about this week’s episode was that Sykler was a persona non grata until about forty minutes in — when she had yet another argument about whether or not it is a good idea to have the children living with them. The two did make a notable deal in their short time together — in return for keeping the children away, Skyler is going to continue to do whatever she is asked as his “hostage.”

Instead, the focus was back on the chess game between two groups — the new “cooking team” of Walt, Jesse, and Mike, and the DEA headed by the ever-so-clueless Hank, who had a bug planted in his office right in the middle of a tearful and incredibly awful Walt claiming that his wife doesn’t love him anymore.

The main goal for Bryan Cranston and company this week was simple — going after a massive supply of methylamine that was being carried across states via trains. It was the Great Train Robbery, “Breaking Bad” style, and they though thought that they had every facet of this figured out. It was really captivating to watch this entire plan unfold, even though there was a flaw in the plan when a good Samaritan showed up to decide to help clear the cement truck that they had set in the way of train. Walt did manage to pull this off, though he did nearly kill just about every person on his team. It was one of the crazier victories this gang has pulled off — but the shooting at the very end of a small child just reminded up yet again that if we root for these guys to succeed with more plots like this, we are just as awful and slimy as they are.

Ultimately, it was another great episode of the season, and yet another reminder why this show manages to be so great and also so harrowing. We just wonder how many more of these train robberies and interrogations Walt is really going to be able to pull off.

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Photo: AMC

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