‘True Blood’ review: Hoyt’s [spoiler] steals the show

Last week on “True Blood,” we found out that traitors can come out of unusual places — even courtesy of a man who you felt was sure to be by your side. It seemed as though Bill Compton had decided to actually abandon Eric in order to join the religion-crazy Vampire Authority lead by Salome … but had he really? At the end of the day, we’re still not sure — it looked as though he had a plan with Godric, but it was seemingly overtaken as Eric now seems to be with him on Team Authority — and Jessica has also at least joined them in the compound (though she has not really given in to Lilith just yet).

By and large, this episode was largely meant as a way to lead up to an explosive final two installments of the season — but what we really are the most interested in talking about at the moment is the story involving Hoyt. Have we seen the last of him on this show? We’re not entirely sure, but the scene in which he begged to be¬†glamoured¬†by Jessica when it came to both her and Jason was the first time in years this show has brought us to tears. It was so painful to see two people who loved Hoyt suffer so much — but for his desire to move to Alaska and start anew without all the pain and the drama, it was the right move.

With Hoyt gone, Jason can turn his attention elsewhere — including helping Sookie decipher a new scroll talking all about how the vampire who killed Sookie’s parents may still be on the hunt for her courtesy of a contract that was signed hundreds of years ago. Elsewhere, the stories also were equally surprisingly — from Tara helping to kill the new vampire (a move to keep her and Pam from running) to Sam and Luna sneaking into the Authority as mice in order to take back Emma from Steve Noonan’s clutches. We do have a potential new problem in Authority politics, though — since Russell is not interesting in following their rules, what’s going to happen with his boyfriend?

What did you think about this week’s new episode — and the scene with Hoyt forgetting his past leave you just as teary-eyed? If you want to see some recent comments from Todd Lowe about his character Terry (who was absent this week), be sure to hit up the link here.

Photo: HBO

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