‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 debate: How should Mark leave?

When you know that a show is losing a beloved character, it puts fans in an interesting frame of mind. You hate to see them go, but if they do have to leave you at least hope that it happens in a way that there is some sort of happy ending to their storyline. After all, you’ve invested years in a character just to see it all go away in a matter of minutes.

For Eric Dane’s character of Mark Sloan on “Grey’s Anatomy,” this is an even stickier situation than most for one reason — we already know that this character cannot have the happy ending that most fans wanted. The general expectation was that Mark was going to ride off into the sunset with Lexie at the end of the day, but the death of Chyler Leigh’s character negated that from ever happening. When you also consider that he is knocking on death’s door himself at the moment, it’s hard to see much hope on the horizon for him.

But should Mark really die? There are two different ways in which we could see Dane’s character being written out of the show, and they each have their own advantages.

1. Death – This really seems to be the predictable route for the show to go at this point. Death ensures that there would be no reason for Mark to show up at the hospital again, and it makes sense why he would never be around for the child he has with Callie.

We’ve seen photo evidence that Mark at least makes it back to Seattle Grace after the plane crash in the season 8 finale, and for him to make it there and then die would be more than depressing. Death really seems like the easy way out now, though fans could argue that in this way he could finally be with Lexie.

2. Departure – What would be more interesting to us is to leave the door open for a Mark cameo in the future by having him realize that there is too much history for him in Seattle, and to leave for a new adventure. This way, at least we could imagine the character finding a new happy ending versus just withering away, and they could write something in when it comes to Callie’s child that maybe he stops by and sees it occasionally. After all, so much of the action is on Seattle Grace on the show, and it wouldn’t be too shocking to never see him back around.

We know that Mark is not going to stay at the hospital, so let’s ask you this — would you rather the character die, or move away in hopes of starting a new life for himself? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To check out some more news on the future of Cristina and Owen on the show, be sure and visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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