‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Some of the best Zingbot zings

We know that the Zingbot made an appearance in the “Big Brother 14” house Saturday night, but unfortunately, the crafty people in production decide to give us trivia on the live feed rather than show us any interaction between him and the houseguests. The Zingbot has been a personal favorite ever since season 12, even though his jokes last year lacked some of the edge necessarily to make the Power of Veto challenge a classic.

We’ve only heard some of his zings of the current crop of houseguests so far, so check them out below along with our grades for the zingiest sing:

Ian –  “For a chemical engineering student you don’t seem to have much chemistry with the ladies!” This is a zing of the worst kind — it’s predictable, and really no even that funny. The only thing that we’re giving it a D rather than an F is because Ian probably thought getting zinged was the greatest thing to ever happen in his life. (See? This is even a better zing than what the Zingbot did!)

Danielle – “Shane got a special gift for you after the show: a restraining order!” Apparently, Danielle was not exactly happy about getting called out to be a stalker. She’s now freaking out about how she is being edited on the show … which is understandable. However, we got to give this fantastically funny zing an A.

Wil – “What do you call Fabio minus the good looks, muscles, and sex appeal? Wil!” It’s not the funniest joke ever, but we laughed because we would have went with a Fabio reference, too. Our grade is a B-.

Ashley – “The only thing bright about Ashley is her smile.” Terrible. This is pure F written all over it — it’s predictable, and the Zingbot is actually still complimenting her on something even if he is insulting her intelligence.

There’s really not much else happening on the feeds right now, with the sole exception being Britney and Shane acting paranoid that Frank is going to backdoor him since Shane did the same thing to him a couple of weeks ago. However, the plan actually seems to be the same right now — keeping Wil and Joe on the block, and hoping that Wil (at least per Frank) leaves the game.

To check out some more details from the actual Veto competition, be sure and visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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