‘Bachelor Pad 3’ rankings: Is Michael Stagliano in good shape?

Earlier this season, we weren’t quite sure that Michael Stagliano had any chance at all to do well on “Bachelor Pad.” He was coming in here as the reigning champ, and many of the new contestants this year could have easily just tried to send him out the door this time for no other reason than that he had already won, but the newbie twist has helped him avoid elimination and placed him back within the good graces of a strong alliance.

With that in mind, Michael has made our top five for the first time this week.

5. Michael Stagliano (last week: not ranked) – Do we think Michael has any real shot of winning this show? Probably not. But unless his alliance with Chris, Blakeley, Ed, and Jaclyn decides to go completely haywire on him, he has at least a few more weeks left in the talk to try and find love.

4. Tony Pieper (last week: #1) – The only person outside of the biggest alliance to make it into our rankings this week, Tony is doing one thing and one thing only incredibly well — being a nice guy. If the power couples just stick together and pick people off, he may at least be the last straggler standing. With that being said, we do expect him to do a little better than that given how volatile Blakelel and Chris already are.

3. Jaclyn Swartz (last week: not ranked) – We’ve never been the biggest Jaclyn fan, but she enters our rankings this week thanks mostly to her new attachment to Ed. She has a good alliance, and Blakeley has already proven herself to be the biggest target of the group. So long as she avoids some of the major drama that can plague people in this house, she should be fine.

2. Rachel Truehart (last week: #4) – If Michael is the most likable guy in the house at the moment, Rachel is clearly the most likable lady. She seems to be there for both love and for money, and it’s nice to see someone not just throwing themselves at someone for the mere sake of doing so. We don’t know whether or not this relationship will work out, but they are going about it the right way by being pretty open and honest. From a game standpoint, we still don’t think Michael is going to hurt Rachel’s game.

1. Ed Swiderski (last week: #3) – Call us crazy, but isn’t Ed pretty much smooth sailing now that he doesn’t have Reid to worry about? He’s clearly not a threat in competitions, acts like he is just there for a party, and seems to get along well with everyone. We can already picture Jillian Harris’ ex standing at the end of this game with everyone wondering why they didn’t get rid of him sooner.

Who do you think is in the best position to win this season? As always, we want to hear your thoughts below! To check out some more “Bachelor Pad” news, be sure and follow the link here.

Photo: ABC

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