‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Wren, Hanna, and ‘What Lies Beneath’ sneak peeks

Is there anything really there between Wren and Hanna on “Pretty Little Liars“? After seeing what happened to them after the news came out that Mona was going to be staying at Radley Sanitarium, we had a feeling that there was going to be something that happened as a result.

In a new scene from Tuesday night’s new episode “What Lies Beneath,” we are going to see Julian Harris’ character confront Hanna while at the gang’s new coffee hideout with a rather important question — what happens next? After asking her to get some coffee together at some point, Hanna told him that it couldn’t happen again due to her friendship with Toby and the current state of affairs with Caleb. Wren did have a pretty smart reply to this, though — Spencer is with Toby now, and Caleb and Hanna’s relationship is currently undefined.

What we want to know, however, is simply this — is Wren incapable of actually being attracted to someone who is his same age?

In continuing the subject of grown men in love with high school students, we are going to see even more drama courtesy of Aria and Ezra’s relationship this week, mostly in that Aria is still not going to be satisfied with the amount of information that her boyfriend is giving up on the subject of his past with Maggie — in particular why he has never bothered to really seek her out considering what they went through together.

While Ezra understands Aria’s anger at keeping this a secret, he also fought back by saying that Aria chose to keep her own situation with “A” secret for quite a long time. Why can’t he do the same?

We’ll close here another look at the strangest relationship on the show right now — Jenna and Nate. We don’t really know what either one of them is thinking, but we’re guessing that whatever Nate wants from her, it is more than just romance.

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Photo: ABC Family

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