‘Breaking Bad’ preview: Hank and Marie’s new responsibility

On last week’s new episode of “Breaking Bad,” we saw Skyler make one of her first significant moves against Walt by throwing herself in a swimming pool — while she knew that this was not going to be enough to kill her by any means, it was enough to get her children removed from what may very well be one of the worst situations imaginable for them to have been a part of.

Now that Walter Jr. (or “Flynn,” as he still referred to here) and Holly are each staying with Hank and Marie, how are they going to handle this arrangement? Let’s just say that some handle it better than others. In a sneak peek for Sunday night’s episode (which you can see below), R.J. Mitte’s character is acting out about being forced into this new situation — and also having to hear two people talk about him constantly as though he is some sort of lab rat. Junior is still going to likely stand up for his dad, mostly because he doesn’t really know any reason why he shouldn’t. After all, this is the man who has shelled out tons of money to get him a fancy car — he just doesn’t know that this is bad money that is paying for it. He also doesn’t seem to know yet about Skyler’s stunt, and the supposed “cheating” that Marie thinks is the reason behind the couple’s broken marriage. It’s pretty interesting the layers of secrecy that are spread throughout this show — Hank and Marie are holding a secret that is a lie, and the children seem to know nothing about any of it.

How long do you think Walt’s kids are going to end up living in this new environment?┬áTo check out another video look at Sunday night’s new episode, be sure and follow the link here.

Photo: AMC

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