‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: Kevin McKidd on Owen, Cristina’s future

When “Grey’s Anatomy” picks up season 9 on ABC September 27, it is going to be doing so with several characters in different places emotionally than they were in the middle of season 8. After all, being in a life-threatening situation like a plane crash is known to have a pretty serious effect on you.

So what does it mean for Owen and Cristina? While it’s not necessarily a guarantee that the two are going to get back together after being rocked by a one-night stand, there is certainly some more hope here than there once was. Speaking in a new interview, Kevin McKidd made it clear that dealing with this grief and the loss of Meredith’s sister Lexie was going to give the pair an opportunity to start fresh:

“It’s very dramatic for them at the moment and they’ve gone through a very rough time … The plane crash is pretty much going to press a big reset button on Cristina and Owen’s priorities so it’ll be interesting to see where they are at emotionally for each other when we start the next season, because there’s nothing like a plane crash to clear the decks, you know?”

In some other related news, McKidd (per a new report from TVLine) is just one of the actors who is going to be poised to direct an upcoming episode of the show this season — as is Chandra Wilson. One of the great things that Shonda Rhimes does offer up her cast are opportunities to direct, and this is not McKidd’s first time going behind the camera. It’s currently unclear just when these episodes will specifically air.

Do you think that Owen and Cristina will, or even should, get back together? We want to hear from you below! If you want to check out the title for the upcoming premiere, be sure to pay a visit to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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