‘True Blood’ preview: Russell Edgington loves Katy Perry

We have seen both weird and hilarious things happen on “True Blood” over the years, but the following may take the cake as one of the greatest and strangest things that we have ever seen — a slow dance featuring two gay vampires after a feeding frenzy set to one of Katy Perry’s most-popular songs.

It’s actually pretty strange just how much “Teenage Dream” makes sense here when it comes to song choice — neither Steve Newlin nor Russell Edgington are ever going to grow old, and it sort of represents the innocent love for each other that they currently share. This is certainly a pairing that we never would have expected to see on the show two years ago, but now it really does make some sense.

On a different note, is anyone else supremely curious as to what Russell is talking about when it comes to knowing about a way to walk in the sun?

When it comes to some other sneak peeks from the episode, we have two to share:

1. A new scene between Jessica and Jason that might finally put some of the tension between the two of them and Hoyt to bed — at least we hope so after his love triangle has been played out all season long to no end.

2. This is something that should feel pretty familiar to everyone by now — Sookie hears a mysterious knock on her door in the middle of the night, and after picking her “protection” and opening the door, she finds that it is someone with a rather interesting request — he needs a body. Where the story goes from here is sure to be a pretty dangerous place.

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Photo: HBO

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