‘The Glee Project’ finale rankings: Is Aylin Bayramoglu the favorite to win?

It’s been another great season of “The Glee Project,” and Ryan Murphy has a pretty tough job in picking a favorite between Aylin Bayramoglu, Ali Stroker, and Blake Jenner to win the whole season. All three have exhibited why they would be perfect for the show all season long, but unfortunately the plan this time around is that he is only going to pick one to have a seven-episode arc on the show.

It’s been proven that this is not an easy show to rank the contestants for, mostly because so much of Murphy’s choice is based more on just talent — he has to feel something. Therefore, we’re throwing out the rulebook in some ways for our final rankings of the season. Rather than just basing this on bottom three appearances or specific strengths and weaknesses, we’re asking ourselves who we would be the most interested in actually seeing on the show.

3. Ali Stroker (last week: #1) – From the standpoint of momentum, Ali’s had a ton of it the past few weeks. She’s only given one solo performance in front of Ryan, and she’s won two homework assignments. When we think about what would be the most interesting character of her to play on “Glee,” though, it would be a villain — and we haven’t really seen enough of Ali’s dark side yet to know for sure that she would be great at it.

Regardless of how she fares here, we have a feeling that she is going to be a part of musical theater for quite a few years to come.

2. Blake Jenner (last week: #2) – The question for Blake is not necessarily whether or not he’ll have a job on TV at some point — we’re pretty sure that he will. The question instead is if he is right for “Glee.” Ryan and his writers are right to question whether he is an underdog that would work well as a part of their cast, as they already have two athletic guys in Cory Monteith and Chord Overstreeet. Could he have a role outside of McKinley High? It’s possible, and he would be an interesting fit as a NYADA student. We just worry if being in a high school is just too limiting for him.

1. Aylin Bayramoglu (last week: #3) – We’ve said for weeks that we would no be surprised if Aylin wins, and we’re now going to go with our gut here. If “Glee” really is interested in going outside of the box here and picking somebody who is not only a great actor and a singer, but also has a new story to tell, this is someone who checks all of the boxes. We know there is a religious angle that can be taken here that is new and exciting for primetime, but Aylin also looks different and has a different vibe than any other member of the cast. She’d be a perfect fit as a member of New Directions … or maybe Rachel’s roommate at NYADA? Somebody has to play that part, right?

Who do you think is going to win “The Glee Project” this season? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you haven’t seen the new music video from the finale yet, be sure to check out the story here — you’ll be rather happy you did.

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