TV Revivals: The latest Chuck season 6 revival hopes

Welcome to our first TV Revivals spotlight article for February — and today, the focus is on one of our favorite TV series ever in Chuck. It’s a show that, to be honest, we could really use in the present-day climate: Something that is fun, character-driven escapism featuring a group of lovable underdogs. We wish there were more shows out there like this that combined humor and action week in and week out. While we’ve seen plenty others, Chuck still remains very much one-of-a-kind. It has a spirit and a vibe that is very much its own and the only thing that other networks can do is try to live up to its greatness.

Unfortunately, Chuck has also been off the air for a little while now and it’s hard to know precisely how it could come back, let alone when.

The last we reported on a possible Chuck revival, Zachary Levi made it clear that he was interested in doing more of the show in a way that is similar to how Psych recently did their own revival movie. He’d love to work with a partner like Netflix and release a new movie every couple of years through the platform. The idea makes a little more sense than just doing a straight-up season 6 — it gives fans a little bit of what they want while also respecting the fact that the cast all are working on a number of different projects now. It’s just hard to get everyone together in the same place for all that long anymore. Levi has Shazam coming up, whereas co-star Yvonne Strahovski is now a huge part of The Handmaid’s Tale over on Hulu.

The first order of business is finding a platform that would even be interested in doing a Chuck revival, given that without someone funding it there’s really no sense in even doing anything else. It looks like the trend of reviving things via Kickstarter is already fading into the rear-view mirror and, beyond that, Netflix isn’t in a position anymore where they really need to revive programming on other networks. We don’t think finding a home is as easy as it was a few years ago when streaming providers were desperate for content.

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The best thing fans can do

Make sure it’s still known that the demand remains there.  Continue tweeting about the show and maybe, at some point down the line, we’ll get someone organizing some sort of movement. Sometimes, big things can come from people making a big display of passion.

As for whether or not Chuck needs a revival, we’ll say (and this may be controversial) that we were personally satisfied with the original ending. We feel like Sarah Walker eventually rebuilds the life she once had after losing her memories and she and Chuck live a happily ever after together. We just want more Chuck out of our sheer desire to keep seeing these characters and this story.

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