‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Competition preparation; Ashley concerns

Now that the coaches are now officially back in the game on “Big Brother 14” — and the show does not have an endurance competition to show off in Sunday night’s new episode — the Have / Have-Not Competitions are going to be back in the game! The houseguests got an opportunity to sleep in until around 9:00 a.m. Big Brother Time Friday, but Boogie suggested to the others that production wants to do the competition by around noon.

From a strategic standpoint, there is not as much to worry about here — and really if the winner of the comp. was smart, they would just make their alliance partners into have-nots to curry favor with the rest of the house. What we should really expect here is some great entertainment, and we will have the ull list of winners and losers for you a little bit later in the day.

On a completely different note, there is one situation in the house that we are closely monitoring at the moment, since it could end up having serious implications on the house — the status of Ashley’s back. She apparently hurt it by sleeping in the have-not room the first week of the game, and has since struggled with pain here and there throughout the game. The past few days have seemed to be the worst of all for her, and it was mentioned on the live feeds that she is getting some sort of treatment while in the house. She did not, however, say what exactly the problem is. What we are really the most curious about here is at what level the injury gets serious enough that would be removed from the game, or if it did happen what would happen with Frank’s Head of Household. Our guess? It would depend on whether or not she left before or after nominations … but it’s probably a moot point since it doesn’t look serious enough that she is going to need to leave.

If you won the Have / Have-Not Competition, what would your strategy be? We want to hear from you below!┬áTo check out some more news when it comes to Frank’s potential nominations for the day, be sure to read the story over here.

Photo: CBS

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