ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2: Emily Thorne goes red in new poster

Does the promo poster for “Revenge” season 2 look familiar? It really should — after all, this is pretty much the same poster that the show used to promote season 1, with a key exception — this time around, Emily Thorne is standing in front of much more ominous skies.

The sky is really the only key difference when it comes to this poster (which you can enlarge by clicking on it) — last season, Emily was also wearing a black dress and transposed against a bed of thorns … but the show at least made a little bit more of an effort when it came to giving us he impression that there was still sunshine around. It’s hard to speculate on this too much, but we take this to mean that we are going to be looking at an Emily who is more hardened this coming season, and less willing to sit idly by and watch her plans fall apart. Even though it’s not necessarily that creative this time, it is still a catching piece of art.

Season 2 will start up on a new night in Sundays, and a time that make use of the rather hefty lead-in from “Once Upon a Time.” Will the devoted audience follow? The hope is that it will, and it could serve as a great lead-in for those who aren’t so interested in watching “Sunday Night Football” over on NBC. This, my friends, is counter-programming at its finest.

What do you think the red skies in this poster mean, and do you this this could just be a visual move to highlight what has become  a darker tone for the show? Be sure to share your thoughts below! To check out some scoop about some more characters for this coming season — in particular Gabriel Mann’s Nolan — be sure to follow the link here.

Photos: ABC

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