‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: The search for a pawn

When you are the new Head of Household on “Big Brother,” there are many things that you must do — not only do you have to nominate two people for eviction, but you have to try and make sure that the person who ends up staying will not be going after you. Therefore, it’s better sometimes to come up with a pawn hat you are pretty confident will stay for sure.

So who is Frank and his alliance partner Boogie considering this time? Don’t read on unless you want to avoid spoilers…

There wasn’t much strategy talk that happened on Thursday night, but in a brief chat with Dan, Frank and Boogie re-hashed the supposed desire to keep the silent six alliance as quiet as possible — even though Wil and Ashley have already started to figure out that it is there. With this, there is one idea being tossed around in putting up Shane on the block — after all, he had volunteered to do it last week — against the supposed real target in Joe. Then again, Shane’s Veto Ticket actually doesn’t make him the best person to put on the block, either, but he is probably the only person that is going to agree to do it. Dan has already said he has no interest, and Danielle or Britney would probably get angry at the mere suggestion. There is some talk about maybe putting Wil up as a pawn again, but this would end up drawing a pretty big line in the sand.

So is Joe really the target here? For the time being, sure — but this could easily change after the Power of Veto if this new version of Chilltown has an opportunity to make a deal and get rid of a major threat in this game. Boogie has already said that he is worried about Britney (who spent a good bit of time sulking after losing the Head of Household challenge on the last question), and Frank feels the same way about Dan. For those curious, he got a letter from his Nana as a part of his HoH room.

What do you think is the best possible strategy here to make sure Frank doesn’t make any more enemies in the game? We want to hear from you below! To check out some more updates from the “Big Brother” house, be sure to either click on the link here or the sidebar to the right.

Photo: CBS

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