‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: The early stages of Frank’s reign

Just over a week after he was saved at the last second courtesy of the “reset” button — and after being on the block after three separate occasions — Frank is once again back in charge of the “Big Brother 14” game. So how is he celebrating, and who is he already targeting for eviction? Read on to find out.

While from a realistic standpoint both Frank and his alliance partner Boogie are certainly interested in trying to take a big threat out of this game, it may not be in their best interest to do so courtesy of their silent six alliance — if they are to stab someone like Britney or Dan in the back, there would be others waiting in the wings to evict them a week later. All possibilities will be talked about, but for the time being it still looks as though Joe is the best target. He doesn’t have any real allies, annoys everyone in the house, and Frank won’t make any enemies by getting him out of the game.

If Joe is put up, the real question is who to stick up against him. If they want to keep the big alliance secret, it’s best to “target” a major threat simply to not raise suspicions — and with that, Frank may take a volunteer to go up on the block. Boogie talked about him directly putting up Dan out of fear they may need him later (even if Frank is mad at him over making him sweat it out all week), and they are each hoping that Shane will raise his hand since he was so keen to do so earlier in the week. There is also talk about putting up Wil with one of their own pawns, and then backdooring Joe.

Despite all of the talk surrounding maybe getting Britney out earlier in the day, it looks like we could be in for a pretty dull week in the house as, pending some major developments, there is a key target and a ruling alliance. However, the houseguests haven’t had much opportunity to talk game since Frank’s win, and this could change at any time. Stay tuned…

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Photo: CBS

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