‘Burn Notice’ review: Progress is progress

After delving a little too much into procedural territory last week — a confusing move given how it had switched over its style to something more serialized as of late — “Burn Notice” in many ways returned to its season 6 form Thursday night that was in many ways the best of both worlds. We had a mission that was engaging and thoroughly entertaining to watch, and while it was in some ways self-contained it also opened the door for the story that is likely going to constitute the rest of the season — figuring out who killed Michael’s brother Nate.

The good news? Thanks to a blackmail operation set up by getting a file from the FBI, Michael now knows that someone upstate is responsible for purchasing the sniper rifle that ended up firing the shots. The bad news? It came at a pretty big cost. Due to her involvement in the blackmail operation, Agent Pearce ended up facing a reassignment that will have her shipped off to Mumbai — and Michael has thus lost a potential ally with some big Washington connections. At the same time, he has a lead — but how great of a lead is it? He runs the risk of this buyer clamming up, lying, or not even knowing who actually had the rifle at the time of the shooting. He also still has to track them down in a pretty wide area.

The mission that lies ahead is clearly of the “needle in a haystack” variety, and in some ways his has us excited. “Burn Notice” is always more fun when Michael is a tiny fish in a big pond, and this underdog status couldn’t be more clear at the moment. We just hope that along the way, he continues to remember what happened with Nate — and the toils that he is putting his family through by living such a dangerous life.

Do you like how “Burn Notice” is setting up this story, or do you wish something more happened with Nate’s death outside of just getting a folder and a buyer on a sniper rifle? We want to hear from you below! To check out some recent thoughts on the show courtesy of creator Matt Nix, be sure and visit our interview here.

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