MTV’s ‘Awkward’ review: Did Jake find out [spoiler]?

On Thursday night’s new episode of “Awkward,” we saw Jenna’s personal life take a major step forward … but we’re wondering if this step was also in the wrong direction based on the shocker at the very end.

Basically, the theme of the week was Aly’s wedding, and how it was a ceremony that Jenna was not that excited to be a part of. Her mom’s old flame was around hitting on her left and right, Sadie was there causing trouble, and she was still struggling with the fact that she hadn’t given to Jake exactly what he had given to her. There was also the issue that Sadie told Jake about Jenna’s history with Matty … and this is what will change the game if he takes her gossip seriously.

Tragically, we were left with a “to be continued” before we could find out just was going to happen between Jake and Jenna, but here’s the question that we have floating around in our head at the moment — before the secret was out, Jake claimed that he really didn’t want to know about what the person that she had slept with before starting to date him. Now that he does potentially know, does it change things? We have a feeling so, mostly because he probably did expect somebody to tell him the truth before now if this was going on with two people behind his back.

At this point, there is a major part of us that wants everything to be out in the open with this couple so we can move on. The love triangle was fun early on this season, but it’s starting to detract from what is the series’ strongest attribute — the comedy. We needed more laughs this time around, and there are other ways to keep this awkwardness going outside of romance.

Did you enjoy watching this episode, and do you think Jake is going to seriously believe Sadie? We want to hear from you below! To check out some more recent news about the show, be sure to check out our story here.

Photo: MTV

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